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Fenway Sports Group.

I'd like to talk about our current club owners, Fenway Sports Group - or FSG for short.

I have seen a lot of negativity, which seems to be gaining momentum, especially on social media surrounding our current owners and I just don't get it? Perhaps I have missed something.
From what I can gather, it seems, because we didn't go out and buy world superstars everything is all doom and gloom.

Here is my perspective. FSG have already outdone the last two clowns. They said they would upgrade the stadium. They did. To the tune of £115 million pound interest free loan - interest free!  They have brought a fantastic manager to our club, who himself has revitialised and rejuvenated most peoples feelings and attitudes regarding Liverpool FC. 

I think they are doing a fantastic job so far! Let me explain by putting my emotions to one side for a second and concentrating on business. 
These guys are businessmen, very very successful businessmen at that. They don't "love" Liverpool FC like you or I. Unless they were supporters before they bought us, I imagine they couldn't give a monkeys about us 10 years ago. 
They're here to make money, just like every other business. Now, the way I see it is this, to make a decent return on their investment, aside from selling at a profit, they need to make Liverpool FC successful and great again. 

Now the stadium is done, more money coming in, it is inevitable that the playing staff will be the next thing that takes their full attention and the deadwood are slowly, but surely sent on their way. Look at the Balotelli farce. We let him leave on a free just to cut his wages off the bill. I'm happy with that and shows they won't carry anyone, longterm. 

With the exception of the season Suarez nearly won us the title, I am filled with hope and belief that I haven't felt since the 80's.
I think Jurgen will assemble a squad that will bring us the league title within the next 3 seasons, I genuinely believe that!

Peace x


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Sunday 4th December 2016 20:05:00
No point sittin there tryin to figure out what happened because at the end of the day, it's night! šŸ˜ šŸ˜ !
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:25:13
If I'm correct, that was the first time have ever beaten us.. Seems it's the season for .
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:22:28
Pardon my language... You're fcukin jokin arn't ya!!!!
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:08:03
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:07:16
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:07:03
no way!!!!!
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:06:16
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:04:40
Goal!! 2 - 3
Sunday 4th December 2016 15:01:55
that keeper came within millimetres of carrying that ball over the line!
Sunday 4th December 2016 14:52:31
Sunday 4th December 2016 14:52:07
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:57:10
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:55:43
lol... Peeps streamin the game on my timeline celebrating 's goal when just scored a cracker!! Don't blink people it was great!
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:54:07
I do like that kit though!!
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:53:39
Oooooooooooooooooooooo what a goal!!!!!!!! !!!!
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:51:46
Sunday 4th December 2016 13:51:28
Wednesday 30th November 2016 13:49:42
RT : What a night šŸ˜€āš½ļøā¤ļø
Wednesday 30th November 2016 05:27:35
Finally back home in Devon after the match. Flamin roadworks on M6 are a joke!
Tuesday 29th November 2016 23:06:34
RT : I just congratulated young Ben Woodburn on his goal. I said Well done Ben but you better go home & get to bed now. It's gā€¦